Our work consists, in the first instance, in defining a series of parameters to determine the power of a project, and in the second instance, searching for and identifying them.

How does events affect currencies?

Depending on the event type

Event Attributes

  • Event Weight

    • Each positive event adds an X amount of points.

    • Each negative event substract an X amount of points.

  • Event Duration

    • Permanent Events: Points are not lost over time.

    • Temporal Events: Points are lost over time.

Event Weights Decrease

As described above, events assign points that can be permanent or temporary. In the case of temporary events, it means that they are progressively lost in time.

How do projects lose points?

Depends on several factors, one of the most important is the Project Age

Positive points are progressively eliminated according to the age of the project, following an exponential decay formula

In the case of negative event points, they are eliminated according to a fixed daily rate, for all cases.

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